Donald Trump's Photoshopped Image of Barack Obama Amid Impeachment Trial Lights up Social Media

President Donald Trump may be in the midst of an impeachment trial in the Senate, but over on Twitter, a Photoshopped image of former president Barack Obama has lit up the social media site. In the picture, Trump is seen leaning against a wall, while Obama is clinging to a window on the outside and using binoculars to peek inside at the current Commander-in-Chief. Many people have since commented on the post, with one user writing, "Are you trying to measure up to @BarackObama with a meme? NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!"

"WTF with this photo? Donald Trump is obsessed with Barack Obama -- in a really unhealthy and creepy way," another user tweeted.

"Trump cannot stand the fact that...1. Obama's wife adores him. 2. His kids love him. 3. World leaders respect him. 4. He won a Nobel Prize. 5. He's a successful black man," the user added.

"Obama has better things to do than spy on your bathroom or whatever that place is, but have no doubt that he has the strength and stamina to scale a building or mountain. Not only was he a loving family man, he gathered great minds to tackle serious problems. A great president," someone else offered.

"Trump is obsessed with Obama! Obama is just kicking back retired, laughing at this con artist who thinks he is the King. I think Trump secretly has a massive crush on Obama or something!! It's kind of creepy actually," one last user wrote.


The Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump is set to see the President's defense team make their arguments in the next couple of days.