Donald Trump Pushes for National Guard Response to Jacob Blake Protests

President Donald Trump has notified Wisconsin that the National Guard is ready to intervene amid the ongoing protests and riots in the wake of the Jacob Blake shooting that left the 29-year-old paralyzed below the waist. Blake was seen on a now-viral video attempting to get back into his SUV before having seven shots fired into his back from close-quarters.

Similar to what transpired following the murder of George Floyd, protests have run rampant in the state, even leading to riots that have left the city ablaze over the past few nights. On Tuesday, Gov. Tony Evers issued a state of emergency and has increased National Guard presence following the second night of unrest in the area. Evers added in his statement that he urges protesters to continue doing so but in a peaceful manner. The destruction, which includes damage to government buildings and police cars being set on fire, has become an issue after the issued 8 p.m. curfew. In his post on Twitter, Trump wrote that the National Guard is “ready, willing and more than able” to intervene. Trump called for a similar order during the Minnesota riots that carried over across the county following the death of Floyd, telling every state governor that his order would overrule anyone who refuses the backing of the National Guard as he will “quickly solve the problem for them.”

Trump’s most recent tweet was his first time speaking on the shooting incident and the ensuing protests and riots. Meanwhile, Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, called for the Kenosha Police Department officers that were involved in the shooting to be held accountable for what was captured on camera. His statement read, “The nation wakes up yet again with grief and outrage that yet another black American is a victim of excessive force.”


Biden hasn’t been the only one in the spotlight to comment on the ongoing situation. Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, wrote on Monday that Blake “should not be fighting for his life right now” and double-down on Biden’s thoughts that the officers should be held accountable.