Man Arrested for Mailing Donald Trump Jr. White Powder Connected to Threats Made to Mark Salling Prosecutor

The Massachusetts man arrested for allegedly sending Donald Trump Jr. white powder also sent letters to others connected to recent news events, including Larry Nassar's trial and the death of Glee actor Mark Salling.

On Feb. 12, Trump Jr.'s wife, Vanessa Trump, opened a letter addressed to President Donald Trump's son but was sent to the Manhattan home of Vanessa's mother. Vanessa was rushed to a nearby hospital, and the substance was later discovered to be cornstarch.

On Thursday, 24-year-old Daniel Frisiello was arrested and charged with mailing threat to injure and false information and hoaxes, reports NBC News. Prosecutors said Frisiello used his own name to order a "glitter bomb" for one of the recipients of his letters. He is cooperating, according to the FBI.

Frisiello, who worked for Catholic Charities' Peabody Child Care Center, allegedly sent four other unsigned letters to people connected to recent news events. He sent one letter to California U.S. Attorney Nicole Hanna, accusing her of "murdering" Salling, who pleaded guilty to charges connected to child pornography possession. Salling took his own life last month before he could be sentenced.

According to TMZ, the letter to Hanna included a white substance. "That's for murdering Mark Salling! I Hope you end up the same place as Salling," the letter read.

U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan also received a letter, since she defended Randall Margraves, whose daughters were sexually abused by Nassar, the former U.S. gymnastics team doctor. Margraves gained attention for charging at Nassar.

"If you condone Margraves reaction to his daughter's testimony on Dr. Nassar, you are no better than he is," the letter to Stabenow read in part.

Actor Antonio Sabato Jr., a Republican Congressional candidate who supports Trump, also received a letter, which criticized him for his politics.

"I'm surprised that olive skin mouth isn't orange," it read. "You and McCain Jr. belong together in hell, because that is where you're going not Christian heaven."

Another letter was sent to Stanford law professor Michele Dauber, complaining to her about the efforts to recall Judge Aaron Persky. The judge was widely criticized for giving Stanford University student Brock Turner a light sentence for sexually assaulting a woman.

In the letter to Trump Jr., Frisiello allegedly called him "an awful, awful person" and "the family idiot."

Prosecutors said the letter had no identifying remarks. His letter to Dauber included a "glitter bomb," which revealed it was sent by The site's owner told authorities Frisiello ordered it, according to the court documents. Investigators said Frisiello's Facebook page also included messages about people he sent letters to.

As of Thursday, Frisiello's Facebook page is still active.


Photo credit: Facebook/Daniel Frisiello