Donald Trump Jr. Flaunts Giant Gun With Jailed Hillary Clinton Magazine, and the Comments Are on Fire

Donald Trump Jr. has never been quiet about his criticism of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and he recently took to Instagram to flaunt a giant gun with a magazine that features a cartoon image of Clinton being jailed on it.

"Nice day at the range. @rarebreedfirearms and @spikes_tactical adding a little extra awesome to my AR and that mag," he wrote in the caption. Trump Jr. also shared a few different photos of the massive weapon in the post, and after other Instagram users took notice of them, the post's comments section ignited.

"Funny because the only people in jail are from your dad's administration," one person quipped, while someone else wrote, "Why wont your dad do more to protect our gun rights . Washington state is on par to be the most unconstitutionally infringed 2a state in the country."

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Someone else quipped, "I'm waiting for a headlong (sic) titled 'Donald Trump's Son Threatens Hillary Clinton in new Instagram Post.'"

"Whatever happened to promoting unity in our country? The division is caused just as much by the right as it is the left," another user wrote.

"This little punk acts all patriotic because it makes him money, but he couldn't bother to enlist in the military when he had the chance. Tells me all I need to know about chickenhawks," one more person said.

While some have been critical of Trump's post, others have expressed admiration over his firepower, with one follower commenting, "Love the mag. Is that one of those guns that shoots a million rounds a second have high velocity clips and weighs as much as 10 moving boxes."

"Where can we all buy these mags," another person asked, while one last commenter said, "It's good to see people with influence have personal connection with this. Nice AR."

After posting his controversial gun photo, Trump later shared an image of his father, President Donald Trump Sr., with an American flag and text that reads "Best President Ever." In the caption of the post, Trump Jr. wrote, "Fact check: True. You're welcome."

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That post has also received a number of comments, with one person writing back, "Truth, the GREATEST!! Pres Trump deserves a spot on Mt Rushmore!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸"


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