Donald Trump Jr.’s Alleged Ex Aubrey O'Day Loves Joe Biden's Fly Jab

Aubrey O’Day and Donald Trump Jr. allegedly had some sort of romantic relationship, although the [...]

Aubrey O'Day and Donald Trump Jr. allegedly had some sort of romantic relationship, although the son of the president has never confirmed O'Day's claims. Nonetheless, it doesn't appear O'Day, who revealed on MTV's Ex on the Beach that the two had a thing and even went as far to call him her "soulmate," is going to be backing President Donald Trump when it comes to the upcoming election.

Following the vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris, the Danity Kane singer tweeted out after the viral fly moment. She retweeted a post by Joe Biden in which he shared a photo of himself with a fly swatter, writing on top of his post, "[You] gotta love Joe." She's remained fairly active in voicing her displeasures with Trump over the past few days, as well. On Sunday, O'Day called out Trump for his handling of the coronavirus with a lengthy tweet comparing his 2016 election numbers and the number of COVID-19 deaths. "More Americans have filed for unemployment in 2020 than voted for Trump in 2016," she began her tweet. "The only big crowds Trump should worry about are the 210,000+ Americans he let die under his presidency or the rest of the country he cut covid relief funding on." On Monday, she sent out a tweet calling out the alleged voter suppression, "Trump has done more to stop you from voting than stop you from getting covid. #VoteBiden."

In regards to O'Day and Trump Jr., the two, according to the singer, had something going on in 2012 while he was still married to his no ex-wife Vanessa, whom he has five children with. The two ended up splitting in 2018. O'Day claims in an interview with PEOPLE that he was her "soulmate" because the two were "passionate and connected." In that exclusive, O'Day was asked if she would ever get back together with him to which she said he closed that chapter of his life "when he went the direction that he did." In regards to the affair, O'Day was asked why she decided to reveal it on a reality show, stating that she only did so because she was never asked previously and she considers herself an "honest person." PEOPLE did note that the outlet reached out to Trump Jr. but did not respond to their request for comment.