Donald Trump Impeachment Hearings: Drag Queen Pissi Myles Attends and Social Media Loves It

The impeachment hearings of President Donald Trump are currently underway and — in an unexpected twist — drag queen Pissi Myles is attending, to the delight of social media users everywhere. A photo of Myles outside the hearings was shared to Twitter by NBC News correspondent Heidi Przybyla, and people are absolutely loving it.

"Lindsey Graham's girlfriend just arrived to support him through the impeachment process!" one person joked. "Bless her heart. I'm diggin those shoes girl!"

"Nixon had 3 drag queens at his impeachment," someone else commented. "Trump only gets one? How do they decide? Increased crime = less celebratory queens? Trump deserves none!"

Another user quipped, "A drag queen just walked into the impeachment hearing. This is awesome already!#ImpeachTheMF."

"Definitely Donald Trump's son Eric thinking he's sneaking into a secret meeting ready to give deets on the impeachment hearing," one other person joked.

"Is that Matt Gaetz trying to crash the hearing?!" a fifth user asked in jest, to which another replied, "No joke, it does look like Gaetz. Yesterday someone on MSNBC said they thought GOP would pull a stunt that might backfire."

Myles is a drag performer from Asbury Park, New Jersey, and is covering the impeachment hearings for a startup app called Happs, according to a statement that her husband and business partner David Ayllon gave to NBC News.

"They scouted him out at his Barracuda show on Sunday," Ayllon explained. "I do know they were looking for a comedian who could improv on the spot and deliver the news in a fun way."


In a bio on her website, it states that Myles is a "comedian, singer, and humorist" who has "been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Mic, RuPaul's What's the T Podcast," as well as many other media outlets. She currently produces "weekly shows in New York City, among her many other guest appearances throughout NYC, Philadelphia, Connecticut, and NJ."

Photo Credit: Getty Images