Donald Trump's El Paso Visit Announcement: See All the Reactions

President Donald Trump has announced that he will be making a visit to El Paso, Texas, in the wake of a recent mass shooting, and there are many varying reactions to the news. In a new tweet, Trump said, "Will be going to Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas, tomorrow to meet with First Responders, Law Enforcement, and some of the victims of the terrible shootings."

Following his announcement, some were supportive, with one person writing: "Mr. President, they will welcome you." Another person wrote, "Thanks President Trump for showing true leadership & concern."

"Thank you, Mr President," one other supporter wrote. "God Bless you and may God comfort all affected by these evil acts of cowardice."

However, there have also been many who have expressed concern and criticism over Trump visiting the cities, with one tweeting, "They don't want you there. I do know of a place that will welcome you with open arms. Hell! Go there. Make it great again."

"Guy starts fires. Guy returns to the scene of said fires to comfort the victims of said fires. Guy takes pictures with victims, pretends to give a s—, prepares to set more fires. SPIN AND REPEAT. #ResignTrump," another critic said.

"You shouldn't be there. Your Twitter feed and rally rants have been filled with inflammatory, racist, fear mongering, and as soon as you get back it will all return. You're a cancer and you're culpable," author John Pavlovitz wrote.

Many of Trump's supporters have since defended his decision with the critics, as one hit back, "Hey snowflake mayors & democrats— President Trump is the most powerful man in the world. In his role as POTUS he can visit any town, city, state in America anytime he wants. If you don’t like it, stay home, lock your door, crawl under your bed & suck your thumb."

The El Paso shooting claimed the lives of 20 people, with 27 more injured. The shooter was taken into police custody.


The tragic Dayton shooting claimed the lives of nine victims, with another 27 reported injured. That shooter was also killed.

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