Donald Trump Doubles Down on Praising Supporters Surrounding Biden Campaign Bus as FBI Confirms Investigation

On Saturday, a Joe Biden campaign bus was surrounded and run off the road by supporters of Donald Trump in San Antonio, Texas. A day later, Trump went on Twitter to endorse the supporters for their actions after the FBI confirmed it was investigation the situation.

The San Antonio FBI put out a statement on Sunday that they were aware of the incident and would be investigating. Trump retweeted that response and added his own on top of it, “In my opinion, these patriots did nothing wrong.” He then suggested that the FBI turn its attention to ANTIFA, an anti-facist group, who, according to Trump, “run around burning down our Democrat run cities and hurting our people.” This is the second time the president has seemingly shown his support for the actions demonstrated by his supporters. He shared the video on Saturday after the incident occured, writing, “I LOVE TEXAS.”

After this went down and Trump commented on the matter, Biden appeared to share his thoughts on the situation in a tweet of his own. He began his post by saying that what the president says carries weight, and despite the power that comes with being in charge, Trump has “callously used his to incite violence… and drive us further a part.” Throughout the debates and his campaign, Biden has expressed his desire in bringing the country together and as he implied in this respective tweet, putting an end to Trump’s divisiveness.

The scene saw Biden’s campaign bus making its way from San Antonio to Austin as the Democratic nominee continues its push to flip Texas to a blue state. A group of cars began to follow the bus and shouted obscenities before the 100 vehicles eventually forced the bus to stop. The staff on the bus called 9-11 and received assistance in getting to their destination. The event ended up being cancelled after everything that unfolded.

After its push in Texas, Biden turned his attention to Pennsylvania on Sunday. The Keystone State, which saw the biggest paper in Pittsburgh issue its endorsement of Trump, is one of the biggest players come Election Night and one that handed its electoral college votes to Trump in the 2016 election.