Donald Trump Seemingly Praises Supporters for Surrounding Joe Biden Campaign Bus

A scary situation appeared to unfold in Texas over the weekend. In videos captured from the incident, pro-Donald Trump supporters followed and surrounded a Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaign bus and allegedly threatened them, per CBS Local News. In light of these alleged actions, Trump took to Twitter, seemingly praising his supporters for surrounding the Biden campaign bus.

According to Buzzfeed News, dozens of Trump supporters, who drove vehicles with flags related to the president's campaign, surrounded a Biden campaign bus driving along a Texas highway on Saturday. Three Democratic campaign events that were set to take place in Texas were subsequently canceled over "safety concerns." The Texas Tribune reports the incident had prompted an FBI investigation. After the news broke of the caravan surrounding Biden buses, Trump appeared to praise his supporters for their Twitter actions Saturday night. He posted a video of his supporters surrounding the campaign bus, writing simply: "I LOVE TEXAS!"

The president's apparent praise of his supporters' alleged dangerous actions immediately drew criticism. In response to the tweet, director Paul Feig wrote, "Excuse me, you monster. Shouldn't you be denouncing violence? You are unfit; you are a disgrace, you are an insult to the office of the President & you will be forever ridiculed as the worst person to ever hold public office. We cannot wait to send you packing this week. "Just go."

Additionally, several Democratic lawmakers responded to the news of this incident, as well. Rep. Lloyd Doggett, a Democrat from Texas, wrote on Twitter, "This aggressive, abusive conduct by his supporters comes from Trump continuing to incite acts of intimidation and violence." He added that this was "another more outrageous form of voter suppression."

The Biden campaign also responded to the news of this incident. The former vice president's spokesperson Bill Russo responded to the president's tweet by reporting that the Trump campaign was not prepared on multiple occasions to shuttle back attendees to their rallies. "For the second time in a week, your campaign has left your supporters stranded in the cold with no transportation at one of your superspreader rallies," Russo wrote on Twitter. "Maybe you should spend more time worried about those buses than ours."