Donald Trump Attacks Late Senator John McCain Over Funeral Arrangements: 'I Didn’t Get a Thank You'

Donald Trump recently attacked late Sen. John McCain over funeral arrangements, lamenting, 'I [...]

Donald Trump recently attacked late Sen. John McCain over funeral arrangements, lamenting, "I didn't get a thank you."

According to Deadline, the U.S. President was in Ohio and speaking at a tank plant, when he said, "I gave him the kind of funeral he wanted — which, as President, I had to approve."

"I don't care about this," he then added, going on to say, "I didn't get a thank you."

The outlet also cited other comments by Trump regarding McCain and the repeal former President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act, wherein he said, "a lot of people are asking me, because they love me, about a man named John McCain," and then boldly stated "I've never liked him much…probably never will."

Over on the The View — where McCain's daughter Meghan McCain is a co-host — the ladies had some thoughts on Trump's comments, with Joy Behar saying, "This is a psycho. He's not normal; he's obsessed with people that did not support him. "

"We've heard that the First Lady's platform is 'Be Best', about cyberbullying. I would like to see Melania Trump…the Trump family stop this in the White House," Sunny Hostin added.

Meghan had a different take, however, saying that she would prefer people spend their energy defending those who are bullied and "don't have women from The View to come out and support their family."

"There are kids committing suicide because of cyberbullying," she also said.

Others have come out to chide Trump for his comments, with actor Albert Brooks tweeting, "Listening to Trump continuing to trash John McCain is truly disturbing. The guy was locked up in a cell and beaten within an inch of his life while you were on a yacht nursing your bone spur. What's the matter with you? He's dead for Gods sake."

"I think the president's comments about Sen. McCain hurt him more than they hurt the legacy of Sen. McCain ... I don't like it when he says things about my friend John McCain," added Sen. Lindsey Graham.