Deaf-Mute Man Chained up by His Mother for 12 Years

A deaf-mute man in China has been chained inside a stone house by his mother for the last 12 years.

According to the Daily Mail, 41-year-old Wang Zhiqiang, a deaf-mute man, has been chained and locked inside of a stone house in China for the last 12 years by his mother, 77-year-old Yue Rong. Rong has reportedly admitted to keeping her son chained in an attempt to keep him from hurting others in the village.

Wang, who was reportedly born unable to hear or speak, was sent to a boarding school for those with special needs when he was young. However, once there, he began to develop psychological issues after being bullied by other students at the school. He was eventually sent back to live with his parents, and has reportedly been locked inside of the stone house ever since.

According to the man's mother, who spoke to local publication Zhengzhou Evening Post, once home, her son's condition continued to worsen and he began attacking their neighbors in the village in Dengfeng of Henan Province. After her husband died, Rong says that she was unable to care for her son herself and had to resort to chaining him up.

"When my husband was still alive, he was able to take care of our son. But when he passed away 12 years ago, I could not handle my son on my own," Rong told the publication.


"When Wang was still a boy, he was very smart despite being deaf-mute. When he returned from the special needs school with mental problems, there was little we could do. It was heartbreaking," Ding Yanfang, a party secretary of the village, said.

While Ding says that the local government provides the family with monthly subsidies, he is hoping that the public will help to raise enough money to send Wang to psychiatric hospital to receive treatment.