Florida Couple Transporting Grill Spark Explosion in SUV After Woman Lights Cigarette

A Florida couple transporting a barbecue grill in their SUV is lucky to be alive after sparking an explosion in the vehicle after a woman lit a cigarette.

The man and woman were traveling in a red Kia Sorento as they left the Central Florida Fairgrounds. The propane tank was open and the grill was turned on in the back of the car.

After the flame from the cigarette caused an explosion, the vehicle continued traveling until it crashed into a pole, Orlando police Lt. Cindy Lane told the Orlando Sentinel.

In the accident, which happened on Sunday afternoon, both people inside the vehicle sustained burns. However, their injuries were not life-threatening.

Photos of the Kia Sorento, which were posted by the Orlando Police Department on social media, show the vehicle's roof partially blown off and the back windshield completely blew out. There are other massive dents all over the vehicle.


The names of the people involved in the incident, along with other details have not been released at this time.