Chick-Fil-A Issues Statement Clarifying Vegas Strip Rumors

Bad news, Chick-Fil-A fans: You are no closer to eating a spicy chicken sandwich while watching the fountains outside the Bellagio than you were in any of your previous trips to Las Vegas.

The internet was abuzz on Friday afternoon with the speculation that the company that perfected the chicken sandwich was set to open an additional store in Sin City. The company took notice of the free market research, but also issued a statement that quelled the groundswell of excitement.

Jackie Jags, Manager, Field Support, for Chick-fil-A, Inc let with no uncertain terms that nothing is in the works.

"We are always evaluating potential new locations in the hopes of serving existing and new customers great food with remarkable service," Jags statement read. "We would very much like to have more restaurants in the Las Vegas area, but we have no new locations to confirm at this time. In the meantime we invite guests to visit one of our existing restaurants in the Las Vegas area: Chick-fil-A Sahara at I-15,Chick-fil-A at Eastern and Ione and Chick-fil-A Stephanie at Warm Springs."

Additionally, there was a denial that any location being scheduled open on Sunday was patently false. The chain has opened on select Sundays under special conditions where it was to help a hurting community and not to capitalize on a potential revenue opportunity.

Chick-fil-A began 1961 with founder Truett Cathy and his cooking method and recipe secrets -- a formula still used to this day. The franchise has grown to more than 2,000 restaurants across the nation and is one of the most profitable, despite its policy to close on Sunday.

While the company had found its way into some controversy with homophobic comments made in 2012 by Dan Cathy, it has also backed itself off of many of its hard-line, conservative stances. Cathy offered an apology for his comments and has even declined opportunities to have its brand aligned with political candidates since that public misstep.


In an effort to make amends and show support for inclusiveness it was on the front end of the healing after the nightclub shooting in Orlando, suspending its Sunday closure there while also offering other benefits to consumers and the community.

It also amended its public-facing appearance to include a mission statement, of sorts, to making food and serving everyone, regardless of their race, color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation, as well as any other protected status.