Check Out the Healthy Diet Behind Lea Michele's Jaw-Dropping Selfie

Does this look familiar? Lea Michele took to Instagram on Sunday to post a revealing selfie, in a post that's almost identical to Jennifer Lopez's a few days ago.

NYC// Sunday bed series

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The 30-year-old Scream Queens star showed off her booty in a revealing one-piece, similar to 47-year-old J. Lo's pose:

#loveyourselffirst #feelingempowered #healthybodyhealthymind

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Michele recently told Shape that she's super confident in her body these days, and her daily diet proves it! Check out a typical day of eating for the actress, singer and author:

Breakfast: "I usually start my day with avocado toast or a green smoothie."

Lunch: "I love a big salad for lunch; I’m always concocting recipes like kale Caesar or spinach artichoke salad."

Dinner: "For dinner I’m flexible. If I’m going out and I want a bowl of pasta, I’ll eat it. I’m not hard on myself."

Snack: "I try to be smart about snacking. I’ll slice two oranges in the morning and leave them on a dish in my kitchen and eat them throughout the day. I always have blueberries and carrots and hummus on hand. And I like little bags of Popchips or Pirate’s Booty if I’m watching TV. I keep my snack options at home super healthy."

Dessert: "For dessert, I’ll usually order a cheese plate rather than something sweet. I’d eat an entire block of Wisconsin cheddar over chocolate cake any day."


Lea Michele's number one tips for staying healthy? A good night's sleep! "Sleep is the number-one thing that gives me energy. It’s imperative for me to get a solid eight or nine hours. It usually takes me awhile to fall asleep, so I do things that help me wind down at night. I drink tea, I take a bath with nice salts and oils, and I spray lavender on my pillows."

And it sounds like her hard work is paying off! "Right now I have so much energy, my skin looks good, and my butt is higher than it’s ever been. I’ve been skinnier and I’ve been a little bit bigger, and I’m never hard on myself one way or the other. The fact that I’m active, eating well, and taking care of myself is all that matters—not a number."

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