CES Turns 'Seinfeld' Joke Into Reality

It's not very often that a gag-product from a TV show becomes a reality, but someone loved the "Manzier" episode of Seinfeld so much that they have made it a reality.

On display at this years Consumer Electronics Show is Sports Performance Tracker's SPT2, "a GPS performance analysis device for amateur athletes." You can see photos of the device on Fortune.

The SPT2 looks like a sports bra, which it essentially is, but it is designed to be worn by men who play sports such as soccer, football, and rugby.

It can provide data to the wearer like "speed, distance, heat mapping, and heart rate."

The date provided is gathered by "accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers."

The benefit to the $249 sports "Bro" is that it can help players track their abilities and endurance, which in turn allows coaches to know who can stay in the game longer.

Sports Performance Tracker, the manufacturer of the SPT2, details the product more in-depth on its website.

"SPT is taking what is already a powerful device, to the next level. With an integrated 100Hz Inertial Movement Unit, SPT2 is a game-changer. Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, Magnetometers and Bluetooth functionalities are going to help you analyse your performance like you have never been able to before," the company explained.

Additionally, SPT more clearly describes Gametracka, the technology used to track performance.

"Gametraka is our powerful easy-to-use software that enables you to analyse and dissect your performance in various ways," a description of the technology reads. "By creating your own segments, trimming data and viewing your heatmap are a few of the many components our Gametraka platform has to offer. Click on our LIVE demo to see for yourself."


The company also includes information about how much it has grow since its inception, writing, "Today, over 90 countries in all 7 continents are taking advantage of the data to help them play smarter. Our metrics have been used to assist schools, health professionals, local rugby associations, and even the Spanish Football League."

"With a scope to expand even further, we strive to be the leader in wearable sporting technology and teach our wider communities to train with facts and analytics in mind, in the same way that the pros do," the testimonial concludes.