Carl's Jr. New Primal Menu Options Should Subdue the Starving Beast Within

Carl's Jr and Hardee's have been known for quite a while for their beefy, chest-bumping, and sometimes risque representations of their fast food options. While the days of Paris Hilton sensually eating a cheeseburger are long gone, the meat survives, and it has found a way to live.

The latest offerings from the fast-food chain are bringing the big beefy goodness in all varieties, including Beyond Meat. In connection to Jurassic World Dominion ahead of its release in June, the chain has introduced the Primal Menu featuring a selection of burgers and vegetarian options that carry a heap of prime rib on top, some onion rings, and a new amber BBQ sauce inspired by the pesky sap that made dinos possible in the movies.

It is also available at breakfast with the Primal Biscuit with Fried Egg, preceding the main event for lunch and dinner with the Primal Angus Thickburger. The chain also adds the Primal Burrito featuring the prime rib topped with hashed rounds, cheddar, eggs, and the BBQ sauce.

Visitors to Carl's Jr have a few more options than the Hardee's folks on the East Coast. The former includes the sandwiches listed above and Beyond Meat options called the Beyond Wraptor Burger and Double Beyond Wraptor Burger. According to the chain, both sandwiches feature "100 percent plant based Beyond Burger, charbroiled over an open flame, topped with tangy Amber BBQ Sauce, Swiss cheese, fried zucchini, and tomatoes, served in crisp green leaf lettuce."

If the sandwiches weren't enough to entice you to visit your local Carl's Jr and Hardee's into a special Jurassic World Dino Takeover, but only in select areas. Los Angeles and Nashville will be transformed into a 360-marketing campaign from June 1-8.


"We're giving guests the opportunity to experience the world of Jurassic with unforgettable bites, as well as an innovative, extensive 360 marketing campaign," CKE Restaurants chief brand officer Chad Crawford said in a statement. "From TikTok to Waze, the brands invested in unique partnerships as well as captivating billboards to showcase this compelling collaboration. On top of all that, we're excited for movie fanatics and foodie lovers alike to have the opportunity to explore our Dino Takeovers in Nashville and Los Angeles."

One can assume there will be an augmented reality element to these events, with the L.A. location possibly even getting a visit from the iconic T-Rex from the films. This reflects the world crafted ahead of Jurassic World Dominion, where humans and dinosaurs now inhabit the same world. Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow returns for this latest installment, releasing June 10 in theaters.