Cam Newton Donates Over $130K During Surprise Sleigh Charity Event

Tuesday afternoon, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton took a fleet of Mercedes-Benz SUV's and headed out for his Surprise Sleigh charity event. This multi-stop event could have been postponed considering that Newton had recently undergone foot surgery, but he simply grabbed his scooter and ultimately donated more than $130,000 dollars to various organizations and schools.

As he showed with multiple photos on Twitter, Newton headed to schools, a men's shelter, a food bank, and the Urban Promise Charlotte After-School and Summer Camp. At every stop, he presented financial assistance in the form of checks or gift cards. Newton also provided free Under Armour backpacks to local kids.

To finish off the event, Newton spent time at a local men's shelter, handing out food from Bojangles and gift cards to those in need. He also signed autographs to make the day truly memorable.

"Just wrapped up our final stop of #SantaCamsSurpriseSleigh. Another $25K financial donation was given to [Men's Shelter of CLT]! In addition, guests enjoyed a delicious [Bojangles] meal and were treated to a gift card," Newton wrote after the event came to an end.

Newton provided a breakdown of the donations on Twitter when he posted photos from each stop made by the Surprise Sleigh. He gifted $15,000 to Phillip O. Berry High School in order to aid the athletic department, provided $100 gift cards to the staff at Westerly Hills Elementary, and donated $25,000 to the Urban Promise Charlotte After-School and Summer Camp.

Newton's final two stops of the day, the Second Harvest Food Bank and the Men's Shelter of CLT, both received $25,000 donations. As Newton showed, he was extremely busy during this charity drive, to the point that he was giving out "swaggy" Under Armour backpacks.


The former first overall pick from 2011 may not have suited up for a game since week 2, but he has not been sitting idly by while recovering from his foot injury. Instead, he's been working in the community and trying to benefit those that are in need of assistance through various charitable events. Santa Cam's Surprise Sleigh is just the latest example.

Photo Credit: Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for BET