Burger King Introduces 'Guilty' New Sandwich to Menu

Burger King is helping guests indulge in some of their guiltiest fast food pleasures. The beloved fast food chain has expanded its overseas menu with the addition of the mouth-watering Guilty Butter Croquette Sandwich, a meat-free sandwich that hit Burger King Japan menus earlier in January.

Described as having a "rich and captivating taste that is a bit different from the traditional croquette sandwiches," the Guilty Butter Croquette Sandwich sets itself apart from other items on the BK menu thanks to the fried potato croquette, which replaces the traditional beef patty. According to the sandwich's official description from Burger King Japan, per Comicbook.com, "the rich and crispy special butter croquette goes great with the craft buns that are soaked in butter." That delicious fried potato croquette is topped with lettuce, onion, mayo, pickles, and a cheddar cheese sauce.

While there has been a trend among fast food restaurants in recent years and months of expanding menus with more vegetarian- and vegan-friendly ordering options, The Takeout cautioned that the Guilty Butter Croquette Sandwich shouldn't be confused with those options. Due to its mass amounts of butter and cheese, the sandwich is not vegan friendly, though it is vegetarian-friendly, as it does not include any meat.

The sandwich is the latest in BK's line of Guilty Butter burgers and sandwiches, which first rolled out in 2021 and includes both the Guilty Butter Beef Burger and the Guilty Butter Chicken Burger. The line features sandwiches using craft buns that have "soaked up butter" through a process in which butter is slowly poured into the dough in the fermentation process. Each bun is handmade, with Burger King saying when the line was first introduced that the buns offer "the rich aroma and taste of butter." The Guilty Butter line was introduced in October 2021 alongside another unique addition to the menu: Pierrot no Ama Pote, or Clown Sweet Fries. Clown Fries begin with a serving of French fries, which are then drizzled with a special mixed chocolate sauce.


The menu items are just the latest to hit BK's menus worldwide. Earlier in January, Burger King Malaysia introduced the new Japanese Curry Salmon sandwich. Meanwhile, in the U.S., the fast food chain in early January began testing Whopper Melts, described as "a new, cheesy, melty way to enjoy the brand's signature Whopper," at select locations in Ohio.