Burger King Bringing Back Cini Minis to Feed Your '90s Nostalgia

Burger King is bringing back Cini Minis, because one large cinnamon roll is just too messy to eat while driving.

The fast food chain teased the news on Twitter after sending out a tweet of gibberish on Wednesday. On Thursday, the company announced it did not get hacked, but it was a post to get everyone excited for another announcement.

"so about yesterday: we were sober... we didn't get hacked... the intern didn't go rogue... a cat didn't run on the keyboard... CINI MINIS are back you try typing with icing on your hands," the tweet read, along with a mouth-watering photo of tiny cinnamon rolls.

According to a press release, the rolls will be once again be made with "signature cinnamon sugar and creamy sweet icing for dipping." They will be available in four packs for $1.49, just 50 cents more than their original cost in 1998, starting Thursday, ahead of the holiday season.

Free packs are available if you spend $10 on a Burger King GrubHub order.

The Cini Minis were introduced in 1998 as a part of Burger King's breakfast menu, since nothing says "healthy start to your day" like sticky buns covered in icing and cinnamon sugar. They were first made in partnership with Pillsbury.

Like many other rare fast food items, the Cini Minis have gained a following. Two years ago, a Change.org user launched a petition to bring them back, and more than 2,300 people signed it.

"Cini-Minis were a large part of my childhood and Burger King chicken-stripped them away from me like the jesters they are. Chicken fries aren't even worth the comeback (nor price); I demand they bring Cini-Minis back so I can once again enjoy the sweet miniature cinnamon rolls of goodness," the petitioner wrote.

Fans also exploded with excitement on Twitter after hearing the news. Some posted photos of their Cini Mini orders to celebrate.

"Is this real life," one person asked.

"THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!!!!" another person wrote.

"Clever scheme. My crown off to you," added another.

This was not the only crazy Burger King news of the week. The chain also announced it will launch a "Dogpper," the first dog-friendly Whopper. It is a bone-shaped treat with the beef taste humans love. It will only be available through DoorDash when you order a Whopper for yourself. You can also get free delivery with a DoorDash order of $10 or more by using the code "Dogpper."


Photo credit: Burger King