Build-A-Bear Launches 'Breakup Bears', the 'Cutest' Way to Dump Someone

Build-A-Bear Workshop is helping to take the sting out of breakups. On Thursday, the beloved company announced it is venturing into the business of breaking hearts with an all-new endeavor: Breakup Bears. Declaring that "text message breakups are unbearable, and no one wants to be ghosted," the company says "when you know it's hard to end things, Build-A-Bear has your back" with the new stuffed plush, which even boasts "tear wicking t-shirts."

The company announced the new line of cuddly bears with a minute-long video featuring bears wearing shirts reading "I'm sorry. I can't. Don't hate me" and "I need space." The video kicked off with a voiceover stating, "there are moments in life that can leave us speechless," as a man drops dropping to one knee to seemingly propose. "When you just can't find the words, Build-A-Bear can help," it continues, all expectations of a proposal going out the window the man doesn't hold out a ring, but rather a Breakup Bear.

According to the video, Breakup Bears "will help you break the news in the cutest, softest, gentlest way possible." For those who "really want your significant other to know how you feel," they can add an audio track, with one bear in the video featuring a track saying, "Uh, listen, we both know it's been over for a while, so I'm, uh, seeing somebody else. I just need some space. I'm sorry." The video ends with a boy opening his locker to a Breakup Bear with a shirt featuring Ariana Grande's iconic lyric, "Thank you, next."

Typically known for snuggly plushes and less heartbreaking topics, news of Breakup Bears sent shockwaves through social media, where one person reacted to the new plush by tweeting, "NOT THE 'thank you next' BEAR." Another person humorously asked, "where were u 2 years ago!!!!!!!!!" Somebody else quipped, "Who hurt you?"

Thankfully, Build-A-Bear isn't in the business of breaking hearts, at least not yet. Those who ventured to the link provided in the tweet were greeted with some clarification that Breakup Bears are nothing more than an April Fools' Day joke. The company quipped, "April Fools! Build-A-Bear doesn't break hearts, we add a little more [heart emoji] to life." The link also ushered viewers to another link, dubbed the Bear Cave. Requiring people to enter their birthday because "the Bear Cave is intended for shoppers ages 18 and up," the Bear Cave "is filled with unexpected collabs and unique plush gifts." It features pop-culture-themed items from franchises including Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel, Harry Potter, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and more.