Bristol Palin's Stalker Sentenced

The man previously sentenced for stalking one of Sarah Palin's daughters has been sentenced again.

Peter Ferrero was sentenced to spend 30 days in jail after he violated his probation and continued to harass the Palin family, The Blast reports. The judge on the case also ordered Ferrero to pay a fine and refrain from having contact with any of the Palin daughters as well as Bristol Palin's husband, Dakota Meyer.

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Ferrero was previously arrested on felony stalking charges in 2014 after he showed up in Bristol Palin's driveway after climbing off a third-floor balcony. It was just one of the many incidences where he has stalked the Palin daughters.

It had been reported that the 26-year-old had been contacting Palin daughters Bristol, Willow, and Piper on social media, sending them thousands of messages, many of them sexual. Fearing that he may harm her and her family, Willow even filed for a protective order against Ferrero.

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In July, Ferrero was arrested near the Palin home after he exposed himself and attempted to urinate onto oncoming traffic. When law enforcement officials arrived, he became violent, resulting in him being tased twice. He told police that he had smoked crack cocaine.


Peter Ferrero is currently in custody.