Breonna Taylor Incident Report Sparks Outrage After Police Release 'Virtually Blank' Document Amid Calls for Murder Charges

On Wednesday, police in Louisville, Kentucky released an incident report from the night that [...]

On Wednesday, police in Louisville, Kentucky released an incident report from the night that officers Breonna Taylor in her own apartment — but the document was "virtually blank." According to a report by Entertainment Tonight, police listed Taylor's injuries as "none" even though she was shot at least eight times during the no-knock search. The incomplete report has only increased the outrage around this already controversial case.

Police reportedly check "no" beside the box that says "forced entry" on their incident report form. This clashes with the consistent story from witnesses and from crime scene photos, which show police using a battering ram on Taylor's door. Taylor was asleep when the cops showed up, looking for two people who ended up already being in police custody elsewhere. The department has not responded to requests for more information on the incident report by CBS News.

Other aspects of the incident report have been condemned or called into question by the public. Under the section labeled "notes/narrative," police reportedly wrote only: "PIU investigation" — standing for Public Integrity Unit. This is the unit responsible for "monitoring or conducting criminal investigations of department members including all officer-involved shootings and in-custody deaths," according to the department's website.

In total, the report is just four pages long, and was released three months after Taylor's death. Many critics of the LMPD argue that it would probably not be released if it weren't for the public outcry and nationwide protests. Even public officials in Louisville have admitted that the report is not sufficient.

"It's issues like these that erode public confidence in Louisville's police department, and its ability to do its job," said the city's mayor, Greg Fischer. He added an apology to the Taylor family for the added pain of this incomplete report, which will keep her story in the public eye even longer.

Among the issues with Taylor's case is the fact that police did not have their body cameras turned on at the time of the shooting, despite the fact that they were required. The officers reportedly did not know that their cameras were turned off.

On social media, many activists are calling on the Louisville police to arrest the three officers who shot Taylor: Brett Hankison, Myles Cosgrove and Sgt. Jon Mattingly. The FBI has reportedly opened its own investigation into Taylor's death, but there have been no moves yet to arrest the officers involved.