Watch Boy Survive 45-Foot Fall From Ski Lift

A young boy in China survived a terrifying 45-foot fall from a ski lift.

Video footage captured on a phone by an onlooker shows the young boy, estimated to be around eight or nine, hanging from a ski lift in a resort in Hebei Province, China, the Daily Mail reports. After several seconds, the boy plunges into the snow 45-feet below.

According to local news outlets, the terrifying incident took place on Saturday, Jan. 13. It is alleged that the boy boarded the ski lift without his parents, which is a requirement at the Thaiwoo Ski Resort, Chongli, where the accident occurred.

"Our operator might not have spotted the child, but the parents are very irresponsible of letting their son going up the lift on his own," an employee at the ski resort said.

Following the incident, workers at the resort reminded visitors to look at safety signs posted throughout the resort and to follow safety regulations when using any gear or transportation.


The boy was not injured from the fall and the resort is investigating the incident.