Blake Lively's Workout, Straight From Her Trainer

At 29, Blake Lively is a household name, happy wife and mother of two. She manages to look like a goddess while slaying on the red carpet and commanding our attention on both big and small screens. So what does the mother of two do to stay so fit and healthy?

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We know that she cut all gluten and soy (and therefore all processed foods) from her diet while preparing for her role in The Shallows just eight months after having her and hubby Ryan Reynolds' first daughter, James.

But her diet isn't always that strict! Lively's trainer Don Saladino says she enforces the 80-20 rule: "80 percent of the week, you're really good, and 20 percent you leave for error and having fun," he said. While Lively doesn't drink, she does enjoy pasta and pizza (who doesn't?), so it's nice to hear that she doesn't deprive herself of her favorite foods.

What does she eat typically? Saldano says she eats only high-quality, nutrient-dense foods. Saladino's plan revolves around "eating organic, balanced meals consisting of proteins, vegetables, fruits, slow-burning starches like sweet potato, and getting healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil and grass-fed butter."

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When Lively cooks, she and Reynolds hit up the farmers' market and make sure to pay attention to what they're putting in their bodies.

Saladino also says that Lively never counts calories. Instead, she uses her workouts and eating habits to train her metabolism to burn more efficiently. Every morning, Lively will start her day with a glass of water as soon as she wakes up. According to Saladino, she'll cook herself a couple eggs in coconut oil, plus some veggies.

As far as fitness goes, Reynolds makes it a point to sweat for at least 10 minutes every day, even if she can't fit in an entire workout. That way, she's exercised enough to "put gasoline on the fire, the fire being her metabolism," Saladino says. "Very rarely can someone get in day in and day out religiously and be perfect on a regimen. We're showing you right now that you don't have to be. Blake's being realistic."

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When she is able to fit in a workout, she exercises five or six days a week, with those workouts varying from anywhere from 30 to 75 minutes.

Saladino shared Lively's weekly workouts with Well+Good. Check it out!


1. Start with 3–5 minutes on the foam roller, just rolling it out and warming up the muscles.

2. Move into the warm-up: 3–5 movements of a dynamic mobility exercise (like one legged glute bridges and cats and dogs), done for 3–4 rounds of roughly 8–10 reps.

3. Jump, throw, carry: Do 10 jumps of any kind (squat jumps, star jumps, etc.), throw something 10 times (side slam, ball slam, etc), then carry weight for 40–50 yards. Complete 3 rounds of each circuit.

4. Upper body work: Do 3–4 exercises that target the upper body, with 3–4 rounds of roughly 8–10 reps each.

5. Finish with energy systems work: Quick burst of cardio or 20–30 minutes on the elliptical, treadmill, or Stairmaster.

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Day 2 starts just like Day 1, with foam rolling, a warm-up, and a jump-throw-carry sequence.

But then the lower-body work begins: 3–4 exercises like a kettlebell deadlift, a lateral lunge, and split squat, done for 3-4 rounds of roughly 8-10 reps each.  And again, finish with some cardio.


This is definitely not pool play time (aka no on-trend unicorn floats in sight). Lively did interval work in the water—and mixed it up by treading water or doing long-distance swimming for about 30 minutes a day.

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1. Warm-up: 3-5 movements of a dynamic mobility exercise, 3-4 rounds of roughly 8-10 reps: one legged glute bridge, cats and dogs, reach backs, inverted hamstring or a shoulder mobility stretch.

2. Series of mobility drills, like walking lunges, pushups, and planks.

3. Rounds of cardio circuits and light sprint work for 30-40 yards.


On this day, Saladino would just ask Lively to get out and move—whether that was a walk with her daughter or husband, a jog around town, or a hike—for 30-40 minutes.


What do you think of Lively's routine? Could you do it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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