Black Friday Shoppers Furious at Walmart Over Issues With Deals Online and in Store

Today is the day — the day that everyone prepares for as they gather their gifts just in time for Christmas. Black Friday is one of the most busy days for shopping and Walmart shoppers in particular aren't too happy with the company's online service. Several have taken to social media to air their grievances over their inability to order items online due to not having enough time. One user in particular even stated that they'll be going back to Amazon to order for Black Friday deals.

Several agreed saying when they tried logging on to purchase items, they kept having to refresh their page before they could make a purchase, but by the time they refreshed it, the items were out of stock. Someone else called the supermarket out in confusion on how items could be out of stock before the sale even began.

Another user announced that the Apple Watch ran out of stock within minutes.

One Twitter user said they ordered Christmas gifts days ago and then was canceled by Walmart on Black Friday. Now they're stating their love for Target instead.

Another customer who tried to get an iPhone was unable to after the store ran out in a matter of minutes, with the consumer questioning the company's lack of preparation.