Bath & Body Work's Brawl: What Sparked Viral Fight?

A fist fight at Bath & Body Works went viral on Saturday, but the story behind it is nearly as [...]

A fist fight at Bath & Body Works went viral on Saturday, but the story behind it is nearly as wild as the video. According to a report by TMZ, the clip was filmed in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Fashion Square Mall. A witness told the outlet that two customers were at each others' throats, but that the whole thing turned ugly when the employees stepped in.

The video went up on Twitter on Saturday evening, beginning just as things got physical between two customers and a handful of Bath & Body Works employees. The person who recorded the video spoke to TMZ, saying that it began with an argument over social distancing. They said the shorter woman with the lighter complexion was standing "too close" to the other combatant, and the two began arguing. Before the cameras started rolling, employees reportedly stepped in to try to de-escalate the situation but failed.

The video apparently begins right after the first physical contact was made. After one of the women put hands on another, two female employees jumped into the fray as well. From there, the video tells the story — all four went tumbling to the ground, but aside from some tough grappling, everything cooled off after that.
Another video on YouTube seems to show the same scene, with one woman calling the other "trailer park trash" before the fight began. Viewers did not fail to note who was wearing a face mask and who was not in the fight, though some masks may have been lost in the scuffle.

So far, Bath & Body Works has not commented on the viral video from one of its stores this weekend. Reporters from TMZ even reached out to the Scottsdale store specifically, but employees there declined to make public comments as well.

Fist fights are one of the most reliable types of viral videos, as they never fail to make the rounds on all social media platforms. Sure enough, in the replies to Saturday's brawl, users remembered other recent bouts. Some were less than a year old judging by the face masks, plexiglass walls and other coronavirus safety measures, but many were even older.

"Find a friend like my girl who swooped in and wanted all the smoke," one person commented. Another added: "Imagine going home to your man and trying to explain that you got into a fight while buying a candle." A third wrote: "After working retail for many, many years, I honestly do not blame employees for reacting, especially during these times and ESPECIALLY with how customers treat employees. Retail employees get absolutely no respect!"