'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay Shares the Workout Behind Her Svelte Waist, Toned Arms

There's no denying it, current Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay has a figure we'd all like to steal. The 31-year-old lawyer looking for love has shown off her moves on the court during the show, but that's far from the only time she gets physical. Recently, the star shared some Instagram snaps of herself and her trainer taking on "#armday" at the gym. While wearing a belly-baring top and understated leggings, Lindsay looked fit from head to toe.

In the Lab today with @d.robalwaysopen trying to keep it right and tight #armday

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Though her trainer David Robinson clearly has some athletics chops—counting numerous NFL players as clients in addition to the reality star—he's got his work cut out for him training a major sports fan like Rachel Lindsay.

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Lindsay studied sports management in college before going on to study sports law during law school, so we'd say she knows a thing or two. Plus, her recent appearance throwing out the first pitch at a Dodgers game only confirms the fact that this girl is majorly active. As she told ESPNW, "I'm a huge sports fan! Football, basketball, and track are my favorites, but I really enjoy watching all sports." Turns out, she even interned with the NBA back in the day.

Lindsay also gave her Instagram followers a peek at what her workout actually entails. In the video below, you can see Lindsay really working her core with crunches, pushups, lunges and more (it's no wonder she looks so great in that cropped top).

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Though Lindsay admits she used to be much more focused on running than sweating it out in the gym, she's found gym-based workouts that really suit her with the help of her trainer.


So how can the rest of us achieve a rock-solid core and killer figure like Rachel Lindsay? For starters, these core workouts are a must. But beyond incorporating those tried-and-true essentials into your daily workout, there might be a thing or two to be learned from the star's Instagram account, where she showed off some less-common moves like this stability ball, body bar variation.

For the balance-challenged among us, this may seem like a superhuman feat, but there are ways to adapt this hybrid move for beginners, too. For one, start off sans-weights and focus your attention on balancing the exercise ball and keeping your core engaged. In no time, you'll be graduating to Bachelorette-level antics like Rachel (though we make no promises as to whether or not you'll be able to stay on a mechanical bull as well as she can).

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