Author Arrested for Dad's Murder, Mom's Attempted Murder

Author Marco Eletti has been arrested for allegedly murdering his father, attempting to murder his mother and trying to stage it all to look like a murder-suicide. According to a report by the Italian news outlet La Repubblica, he fled authorities but was ultimately caught and arrested last month.

Eletti is known for writing thrillers with a futuristic twist and has published multiple novels at the age of 33. According to a report by WorldCrunch, authorities believe he attempted to murder both of his parents during a visit to the home in San Martino in Rio last month. The Italian Carabinieri believe he drugged his parents before assaulting them, then beat his father to death with a hammer. He then cut both of his mother's wrists in the hopes that it would look like a violent scene between the two of them had gone too far, and she had taken her own life.

Eletti's 58-year-old father died of his injuries, but his 54-year-old mother survived. She is reportedly in a coma but is expected to recover. It is not clear if she will testify, nor if she will be able to corroborate the police's version of events.

Regardless, police say they have more evidence against Eletti anyway. They reportedly have rope and latex gloves which tie the son to the scene, as well as a motive. They believe Eletti plotted to kill his parents over a dispute about the family inheritance. They are also suspicious of the way Eletti alerted them to the crime scene, claiming he was drawn to a trash fire at the house when in fact they believe he was burning more physical evidence.

Eletti's novels included La Regola del Numero Sette, or Rule Number Seven and Punto d'impatto, or Point of Impact. He is also known for his appearance on the game show L'Eredità. The quiz show has been running in Italy for nearly two decades and essentially challenges players to a timed trivia game with the champion returning each week until they are unseated.


The allegations against Eletti have horrified fans of his work and his reality TV appearances. His social media channels remain intact but inactive.