Apple Watch Video Premiere Has Twitter Crying Right Now

Apple just premiered a new Apple Watch video and it has Twitter crying right now. In the clip, many Apple Watch users shared how the device had impacted their lives, including a deaf father who uses it to be notified when his toddler is awake in his crib, and a young boy on the autism spectrum who runs track. Social media users were deeply moved by the clip, with one person exclaiming, "I AM CRYING WITH THE APPLE WATCH VIDEO."

"I’m not crying you’re crying," someone else wrote.

"YES APPLE WATCH NEWS NOW! I love these touching stories of how it helped change people’s lives," another person said.

Along with the heartfelt video, Apple announced the new generation of Apple watches.

Apple Watch Series 5 amps up all the features user love about the smartwatch, and it will be available to pre-order Tuesday.

Many Apple users are very excited about the new updates to the watch, with one saying, "Okay @Apple I’m sold on the watch. Take my money."

"I love how Apple removes things that are norms like a watch telling time all the time, then brings them back as features," someone else said. "The marketing & product design finesse is real. Lol."

In addition to the new series watches, Apple announced that their Series 3 Apple Watches are going to be decreasing in price.

The Series 3 watches will now start at $199.


In addition to the new Apple Watch line, it was also revealed that Apple is launching the iPhone 11.

The phone will come in multiple colors, and will have a very advanced camera. The phone will also come in an iPhone 11 Pro option as well.