Apple Reveals Apple Watch Series 4 at iPhone XS Event

Apple unveiled the new Apple Watch at its event Wednesday: the Apple Watch Series 4.

(Photo: Apple)

The event confirmed a new Apple Watch Series 4 model. With the screens pushed to the corners to perfectly match the watch, the new screens on the Apple Watch Series 4 will be 30 percent larger than the Series 3. The watch itself will also be thinner than the Series 3, meaning less volume overall, even though the screen is larger. The user interface (UI) has also been redesigned.

The Series 4 is the first major design overhaul of the Watch since its debut more than three years ago.

Maps, photos and calendars were also redesigned in the watch, which will come in space gray, black and gold aluminum.

The interface can withhold up to eight customizable complications, which makes it the "ultimate health and fitness watch." You can track all kinds of things, like MLB games, your boarding information and your nutritional intake.

Heartbeat reading can show your heart rate to your doctor to help detect any abnormality. The user will simply place their finger on the digital crown to see their heartbeat.

The Apple Watch Series 4's advanced heart-monitoring technology called electrocardiogram (EKG) has also received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, meaning it can be used as a medical device.

The watch passes a current across the chest to track electrical signals in the heart, directly, which is far more accurate than interpreting based on pulse. The process will take about 30 seconds and then the user will receive a heart rhythm classification. Normal rhythms will be described as "sinus" rhythm, and the Watch will also classify irregular rhythms, such as atrial fibrillation. Then the info will be stored in the Apple Health app.

Before the event unveiled the new watch, Cook boasted on the Apple Watch for being the no. 1 smartwatch — and no. 1 watch in general — in the world, praising its breakthrough technology that helps people "stay connected, be more active and live a healthier day."

Series 4 is available to order on Friday, Sept. 14 and will be physically available on Sept. 21.


Earlier in the day, a sitemap on Apple's website inadvertently leaked the name of the iPhone XS and XS Max, but the event officially confirmed the existence of the new iPhone. The leak came about via a link to Otterbox cases for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.