American Airlines Error Allowed All Pilots to Vacation During Christmas Week

A new report says that American Airlines suffered a computer glitch that allowed all of its pilots to take vacation over the week of Christmas.

ABC7 reporter Sam Sweeney tweeted out the breaking report, revealing, "American Airlines says computer glitch allowed all pilots to take vacation over Christmas week."

"Now union says thousands of flights are in jeopardy of cancellation," he added.

Ultimately, it seems as if American is confident that the situation will work out in the end, as Sweeney's reported ended by saying, "American says they're offering 1.5x pay for pilots to fill in and expect to resolve the issue."

American Airlines has suffered it's fair share of controversy this year. Back in April one of their flight attendants was accused of hitting a woman with a stroller, and just this week Bad Girls Club cast member Natalie Nunn had a rough run-in with an American employee that led her to publicly slam the company.

Nunn claimed that she and her daughter Journey were waiting in the First Class line at the American check-in desk and were getting dirty looks from the attendant who she claims asked her if she knew she was in the First Class line.

The attendant then gave Nunn a difficult time, she claims, with getting her daughter added to the flight itinerary, and even, according to Nunn, insulted the 7-month-old baby's name by laughing, asking why she would name her Journey.

This angered Nunn and she says she told the attendant, "I'm gonna walk away from this counter before I beat your a--."


The attendant, Nunn says, then threatened to cancel her First Class tickets, which she supposedly did, giving Nunn's seats to other passengers and booking the reality TV personality in coach seating.

Nunn says that after she began tweeting at American about her issues, representatives from the airline met her at the gate, returned her original seats to her, and offered her complimentary champagne.