Plane Passengers Leap From Wings After Emergency Landing: 'It Felt Wrong'

A flight scheduled to fly from Phoenix, Arizona to Dallas, Texas made an emergency landing in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Sunday, and harrowing footage taken by passengers shows people jumping from the wings to escape the aircraft.

Southwest Flight 3562 made a beeline for Albuquerque International Sunport after crew members noticed an unusual smell around the cabin, and passengers said they could feel heat from the vents, the New York Daily News reports. Passengers were warned to brace themselves as the plane came skittering to a halt on the tarmac. Then, crew members began screaming at them to evacuate and get as far from the plane as possible.

Brandon Cox posted videos on Twitter showing himself and other passengers making the 8-foot leap from the wing to the pavement. Other passengers can be seen using a slide to get out of another emergency exit.

"I hit the ground really hard and was just shell-shocked that I just had to jump off the wing of an airplane," Cox said. “It felt wrong when you’re up there. It was dark, cold and rainy. It was disorienting. (You think), ‘Do I really just jump down?'

"I sent a couple texts out to loved ones that you just don't really want to have to send out," he added.

On Twitter, Cox shared three clips of the chaos.

"A flight to remember," he wrote alongside the first one. "Something I hope I never experience again. You see these things in movies and never expect it to happen to you! Most importantly everyone is safe but man what a scare!"

"Still cannot believe I was on this plane," he wrote in the last tweet. "Looking back through my videos and it just doesn’t seem real. What a night. Very thankful everyone is safe."


Two people were taken ot the hospital, according to a tweet by the Albuquerque Fire Department, though the extent of their injuries were not disclosed.

Southwest said it worked hard to get passengers onto a different flight to Dallas. The strange smelling plane remained in Albuquerque for inspection.