Missing Journalist Found Safe, Unharmed According to Police

Courtney Roland — a 29-year-old sports reporter covering Texas A&M for the Rivals.com Network who went missing over the weekend — has been found unharmed, according to Houston police.

In a brief statement released on social media, the police confirmed that she was receiving medical attention, but appeared to have been found without injury from her assumed abduction.

"Our officers have found Ms. Roland in the Galleria area. She appears unharmed. She'll be taken to an area hospital for an evaluation. We are not providing the location where she was found or hospital at this time," the tweet read.

Courtney Roland Safe
(Photo: Twitter)

"After seeing Ms. Roland's case in the news this morning, a passerby called us about 8:15 a.m., stating Ms. Roland was under an overpass at the 610 West Loop at Richmond. Our officers arrived, confirmed it was her and arranged she be checked at an area hospital," the Houston Police Department also tweeted.

Roland was assumed to be abducted overnight after she was last heard from Saturday around 4 p.m. According to family members, she was driving home to the Heights area of Houston when she texted a friend to say someone was following her.

In the text, she told her roommate a suspicious man at a Walgreens was following her — indicating that the man was in a blue truck and followed her all the way home, but then drove off when she got out.

Later in the day, however, Roland never showed for a planned event with her roommate.

Police reported that Roland's phone was found inside of her Jeep — which was parked outside a shopping center — as was her purse with an iPad, computer and credit cards.

Roland's father released a plea in the evening hours, asking for her safe return.

"If somebody has her, we just want to tell them we love you too. And I know Courtney would be praying for you, because that's the way she was. She cared for other people," Steve Roland said.


The Houston Police have indicated that the department will release more information at a 1 p.m. press conference Monday.