'60 Minutes' Donald Trump Interview: Watch a Clip of the President's 'Epic Meltdown'

The highly-awaited 60 Minutes episode featuring the fiery Donald Trump sit-down along with a separate discussion with Joe Biden aired Sunday. While the show spent time with both candidates leading up to the Nov. 3 election, it was Trump’s interview that drew the most attention after reports earlier in the week revealed he walked out of his conversation with Lesley Stahl.

In order to control the message, according to Trump, the president and his team released the unedited version a few days before 60 Minutes to air. The sit-down was as controversial as it was led on to be as Trump and Stahl went back-and-forth with one another over numerous issues. The root of the problem, as noted by Trump, was that he felt Stahl was unfairly attacking him and not placing any attention onto the alleged Hunter Biden laptop scandal. Stahl told him that “we can’t verify that” so the outlet will not give any attention to it with a lack of evidence. “You won’t put it on because it’s bad for Biden,” Trump chimed in.

As the two exchanged a few more jabs at one another regarding not covering the laptop story, Trump told Stahl “let’s get back to your interview and let’s go.” Stahl then asked him about whether Trump feels his name-calling and tweets are turning his supports off, to which Trump gave his take about the “fake media.” Stahl then reminded him that previously Trump told her the reason he calls it fake is in order to “discredit” journalists before telling Trump that she didn’t “want to have this type of angry” conversation. The president didn’t seem to buy that as he told her she definitely did want to because she began the interview by asking him if he was ready “to answer tough questions.”

This set off what ended up being an explosive final minute before Trump abruptly ended the interview. Trump countered Stahl by saying 60 Minutes did not ask Biden any tough questions, calling it a “joke” in their handling. “I see Joe Biden given softball after softball,” Trump reiterated. “Excuse me, Lesley, you started with me… that’s no way to talk,” the president shot back before a producer could be heard stepping in to remind them they have 15 minutes left. Trump didn’t want to stay for 15 more minutes and called the conversation off before walking away from the set.

With a little more than one week to go before the election, the next eight days will see both Trump and Biden doing all they can to secure last-minute voters.