Donald Trump Leaks '60 Minutes' Interview After Heated Walk Out, Leaves Mike Pence Slammed by Lesley Stahl

President Donald Trump followed through with his threat to CBS in regards to his 60 Minutes interview. Ahead of Thursday night's final presidential debate, Trump released the uncut footage of the 40-minute interview that is set to air on Sunday as part of an episode featuring conversations with both Trump and Joe Biden. Trump uploaded the clip onto his Facebook in an effort to show why he walked out and cut the segment short after what he called unfair questioning by Lesley Stahl.

The clip begins with Trump getting set up for the sit-down as Stahl asks him if he's ready for some "tough questions." As 60 Minutes noted in a statement, the program has become a "hallmark" of politics coverage and a series that has been built on its "fairness, deep reporting and informative context." Stahl said both candidates will be asked difficult questions, a claim that was shown to be true as 60 Minutes shared a snippet of Biden's sit-down showing him being asked about packing the court.

Throughout the interview, Stahl chimes in whenever she feels Trump is swaying from the topic or speaking falsely, which Trump takes offense to and eventually cuts things short. One combative moment was when Stahl presses him about COVID-19 and it's rise across the country, to which Trump says his team has done a "great job" in its handling, a comment that Stahl responds, "Sir, excuse me," before noting that 40 states across the nation are seeing spikes some even seeing record-highs. The Hunter Biden alleged scandal also was discussed as Trump tells Stahl she has "discredited herself" in not covering the story, to which Stahl quips back that 60 Minutes does not cover unverified claims.

Following Trump's interview, Stahl had a sit-down with Mike Pence. Apparently, that interview didn't go great either as Stahl felt Pence was not taking her question sersiously. Stahl told Pence that the two of them insulted 60 Minutes by how Trump walked out on them.

All of this comes as Trump and Biden are set to take the stage in Nashville for their final debate before the election in less than two weeks. Serving as moderator will be Kristen Welker, an NBC White House correspondent, who has already come under scrutiny from Trump on Twitter. The event will also feature some sort of mute button that will cut each candidate’s mic when the other is given a two-minute window to respond to an opening question.The debate will be aired across all the major networks starting at 9 p.m. ET.