People Are Not OK With the Controversial '6-Pack-Mom' Doing Crunches While 6 Months Pregnant

Sarah Stage, aka the Six-Pack Mom, was thrust into the spotlight during her first pregnancy in 2015 when she maintained her impressive abs throughout her entire pregnancy.

The 33-year-old lingerie model says it's a result of being extremely fit both before and during her pregnancy. Then, last month, Stage announced that she was pregnant again, posting photos of her five-month pregnancy bump.

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Just like during her first pregnancy, the announcement attracted both positive and negative attention — and so is her latest fitness post.

The mom of one shared a video last week of a core-centric workout, in which she can be seen doing Russian twists, crunches, standing side crunches and planks, among other moves.

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"Doing some at home workouts from my Fitness ebook," Stage wrote in the Instagram caption. "ALSO, Baby is perfectly fine in my tummy nice and safe while I work out. My doctor has given me the OK to continue exercising while pregnant but if you're expecting please check with your dr. first since everyone is different !"

The ever-vocal Instagram commenters had a lot to say, giving their two cents (as usual) about her belly size, but also voicing their concerns over the safety of the workout routine.

"Are you allowed to lie on your back because you're on the smaller side?!" one pregnant woman asked. "I wish I could do crunches, but my doctor told me after the first trimester to not lay on my back. (This is my 4th child and [I] always am told the same thing)."

While we're happy Stage is following the advice of her doctor, it's important to emphasize her note about all pregnancies being different; everyone should check with their OB-GYN before continuing with their normal exercise routine.

The American College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians calls for 20-30 minutes per day of moderate-level activity for pregnant women, but it also says that it's best to avoid lying face-up altogether after the first trimester of pregnancy, regardless of the size of your bump. Hannah Davis, owner of the Body by Hannah personal training studio (who also happens to be pre- and post-natal fitness certified), told Cosmopolitan that lying face-up can put pressure on the artery that delivers oxygenated blood to your organs, tissues and your baby.


Davis says that when blood flow is constricted, your blood pressure may drop and lead to fainting when you stand up, potentially harming your baby.

Like we said earlier, every pregnancy is different, so getting the green light from your doctor is absolutely first on the list before continuing your fitness routine.