Watch: 30 Hospitalized After Floor Collapses During Clemson Fraternity Homecoming Party

A college house party ended in tragedy on Saturday night when the floor collapsed, reportedly sending many revelers tumbling to the story below.

The party was held in a "club house" apartment in Clemson, South Carolina, according to a report by PEOPLE. Students from Clemson University were gathered for a homecoming celebration, where they packed many people into one big room. Partygoers were dancing and jumping to the beat of the music when the floor beneath them suddenly gave way.

Video footage from the incident shows the moment of chaos. Excited yells suddenly gave way to cries of terror, as students and debris were piled on the ground below. The person filming appeared unhurt, though many others looked and sounded injured around her.

In total, 30 people were taken from the party to a local hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning, according to a report by local CBS affiliate WSPA. The Clemson City Police Department was on the scene, and said that 23 students went to the hospital with authorities, sporting non-life-threatening injuries. After that, seven more people transported themselves to the hospital.

The whole incident was at the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity's annual homecoming weekend party. It was held off campus, at an apartment and townhome residence called The Woodlands of Clemson, though it was still made up mainly of Clemson University students. The school released a campus update confirming that this was not an on-campus incident.

Students from the party have made the rounds on news shows since the incident, admitting that there were signs of the collapse before it happened.

“You could hear the floor about to go through, kind of,” said Jeremy Tester in an interview with CNN, “but nobody thought it was going to happen. They just kept going.”

Jaylen Adams also described the floor moving up and down "like a trampoline" before it broke, and said that he tried to get his friends off the dance floor, but they were not fast enough.

"They weren't hurt at all but other people were crying, bleeding, it was just a shocking moment for everyone," he said. "They then evacuated everyone and ambulances and a helicopter came for all of the injured individuals."


Clemson University is launching a full investigation into the incident, and campus President Jim Clements issued a statement on Twitter offering his "thoughts and prayers" to all the students involved.

"The University will continue to do everything it can to help and support our students who were affected by this terrible situation, as well as their families and friends," he added.