3 Dead After Shooting at Oklahoma Walmart

A shooting at a Walmart store in Oklahoma reportedly left at least three people dead on Monday morning. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported that a man dressed all in black opened fire in a store in the town of Duncan. The gunman is reportedly among the dead.

The Duncan Police Department began posting public service announcements and warnings about the shooting on social media on Monday. The state highway patrol soon got involved as well, informing local news outlet The Duncan Banner that three people died in the attack.

Police reportedly cleared the area quickly and deemed it safe. District Attorney Jason Hicks was there shortly after, and told reporters that there is no longer an active shooter situation in effect. He and the police are holding a preliminary press conference shortly.

Police got their first call about the shooting at 9:54 a.m. local time. The initial information on the police scanner reportedly said that there were three victims down and that the shooter was still at large; however, police later confirmed that the shooter was among the dead.

The attack shook the community at once, as so many other communities have already experienced this fear. Duncan, Oklahoma Public Schools posted updates on Facebook, describing the start and end of lockdown procedures.

"Duncan Public Schools is aware of the report of a shooting at Duncan Wal-Mart," one post read. "As always we are taking every precaution to protect our staff and students."

School official Tom Deighan confirmed to the Banner that the schools were operating normally and classes were continuing inside. The school district asked parents not to rush to pick their children up, especially while the lockdown was in effect. Red River Technical High School was also put on lockdown.

The shooting was trending on Twitter before the morning was over, and many people were deeply frustrated by yet another tragedy of this magnitude. Some angry posts asked if something might finally be done.

"Something is so f—in wrong when you see something trending like: 'Walmart in Duncan' and you don't have to click to KNOW it's another shooting," one person wrote. "Time for more [thoughts and prayers] from our 'leaders...'"

Many people were all the more angry about the shooting because it came hot on the heels of another one in California on Sunday night. According to local Fox News affiliate KMPH, four people were killed and six more were injured at a house party, where friends and family were watching football together. There are no details on the shooter's motivation yet.


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