21 Ridiculously Funny Dad Antics When Mom's Away

Moms are, well, moms, and they have very specific ways they like the household to be run and the kids to be cared for. But dads have their own ideas...and they're often very different from moms, as any mom who's ever come home to a tent set up in her living room can attest.

1. They pick up women.

2. They make cleaning fun.

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3. They act as human trampolines.

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4. They get dressed up.

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5. They do CrossFit.

6. They certainly enjoy their food.

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7. They take the perfect Instagram pic.

8. They do some role reversal.

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9. They kill two birds with one stone.

dad swinging baby
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10. They let sleeping babies lie.

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11. They play some tunes.

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