2 Injured in Explosion at Carmel High School in Indiana

At least two people were been injured in an explosion at Carmel High School in Carmel, Indiana, Wednesday evening.

The Carmel Fire Department responded to the secondary school after reports of an explosion coming from a mechanical room where work was being performed on the second floor of the school, according to the Public Information Officer's Twitter.

"Crews have at least two patients, one with severe burns," the department reported. "Interior crews have heavy interior damage in a stairwell."

Firefighters then knocked down a small fire on the roof, which was controlled just after 6:45 p.m., the department reported.

The department has yet to report the names of the victims, but have confirmed that neither were students in a message sent to parents on social media and in email.

"We have an emergency situation at Carmel High School," the message reads. "It has been determined to be an explosion and fire in the boiler room in the Northwest area. No students have been reported injured. Students practicing in the building have been evacuated to the stadium locker rooms. Parents can pick up their students at the Football/Track Stadium."

People claiming to be from the Carmel area took to Twitter to send their best wishes to those affected by the incident.

"Sending my prayers to the people still inside Carmel High School a few minutes ago," one user wrote. "I am so blessed that my team and I got out just in time."


Another asked, "Do we have names of the victims? I have friends that are worried for their siblings."

Photo credit: Carmel Fire Department