Gordon Ramsay Fans Sound off After Revelation That He Refused to Cook for Donald Trump

Now that Gordon Ramsay has made it clear that he wouldn't prepare a meal for President Donald Trump, social media has also made their opinions on the matter clear. Monday, it was reported by The Daily Record that the celebrity chef was asked to prepare a meal for a dinner held at Blenheim Palace in the UK. Since the guest list included President Trump, Ramsey turned down their offer with a simple, "Thank you but no thank you."

Naturally, fans of both Gordon and Trump have taken to Facebook to air out their feelings about the matter, with some siding with the foul-mouthed chef.

"Well yeah, Trump would rather have McDonald's than have a gourmet meal made by a world-class chef," wrote one commenter, referring to the president's penchant for fast food. "Gordon would rather not waste his time."

"Some people need to get their panties out of their asses and calm down," added another. "[Donald Trump] has done so many rude things to people, including not shaking a Dem's hand, mocking the disabled, etc., but you care about a chef who refuses to cook for the guy?" They also added, "pick a lane f-ing snowflakes."

"Gordon Ramsay wasn't the only one who wanted no part of Trump," pointed out another. "[Prince] William and [Prince] Harry refused to do a photo op with him, even though Charles and Queen Elizabeth were obligated to."

Others, however, were decidedly in the pro-Trump camp, and they were not pleased with Ramsay's decision.

"This guy is rude and mean," wrote another user. "Why would The President or any President want him at the White House? I wouldn't want this foul mouth at my home."

"Chef Ramsey refuses to cook a steak passed [sic] medium-rare," observed another. "So he will never cook for me I will not eat his trashy raw meat. He does have the right to refuse to serve any but that should also be with a good reason."

Others, meanwhile, simply asked, "Isn't it great how the free market works?"

They went on to point out that while they didn't agree with Ramsay's decision, he agreed with his right to make it.


"He exercised his right to refuse service. Wouldn't want it any other way!" the commenter wrote. "It would be an honor to cook for the leader of the free world, his loss."

Ramsay's latest reality TV venture, 24 Hours to Hell and Back, just wrapped up its third season on FOX.