See the 'Frazzled Girl' Before and After Back-To-School Photo That's Going Viral

Jillian Falconer's daughter Lucie is the latest viral sensation after a pair of photos chronicling the before-and-after of her daughter's back-to-school look. Falconer, who is from Neilston, Scotland; shared two photos with local new affiliate Barrhead News: one of Lucie, 5, in organized school attire and a second of her disheveled look at the end of the day. She clearly had a fun day, as her hair is messed up, her tie is loosened and her sweater is falling off.

The publication later revealed that their post about the images has been seen by at least 700,000 users. Of those 700,000 viewers, 10,000 have shared the images and 6,600 have liked them.

Falconer also dished on the photo's backstory in a later article, revealing that Lucie had simply been playing with classmates during the school day to create the messy look.

“Lucie is just like any typical child. When I went to pick her up from school and saw how she looked, I was mortified," Falconer said. "I asked her what she had been doing at school and she said ‘Oh nothing, I just played with my friends.’ ... Her dad had messaged me from work, asking how her first day went, and I said to him ‘You won’t believe the state she’s in.’

She added, "When she was getting her bag out the car and walking towards me, I took the picture. ... We can’t believe it has gone viral."

Facebook commenters loved the candid moment offering the praise for the shots and their own similar experiences.

"As a lucky retired teacher this photograph has made me smile so much," Michele Howes wrote. "A wee girl who has enjoyed her day / got stuck in. Bless her."

Jillybee Brown wrote, "My daughter left the house yesterday immaculate beautiful bun in her hair. Seen a pic of her on the school fb page at lunch time hair out looking like she had been dragged through a hedge."


Danielle Amye Logan added, "Love the photos and such a great idea to do for a change from all the first day morning photos... l reckon all schools should do this."

Photo Credit: Frank Molter/picture alliance via Getty Images