Donald Trump Crashes New Jersey MAGA-Themed Wedding, Kisses Bride

Donald Trump took time out of his busy schedule of tweeting and criticizing his various enemies to stop in at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in Bedminster, New Jersey to crash a wedding.

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And it wasn't just any regular wedding. The bride and groom made the decision to have a special MAGA wedding in honor of the president, almost ensuring he would make an appearance.

Footage from the event showed Trump pop in a more casual sense, with no tie and some fun energy for those in attendance. The president greets the bride and groom, prompted them to soon burst in a "U-S-A" chant as Trump leans in to give the bride a smooch.

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The bride and groom, PJ Mongelli and Nicole Marie, are major Trump fans according to TMZ, with their Facebook featuring a lot of "Make America Great Again" content and a photo with President Trump. The couple was engaged at the golf club back in 2017, with Nicole Marie actually sending many invites to the president for her wedding. This includes a book of photos and keepsakes showing encounters she's had with Trump at rallies and parties.

"People I work with are at a wedding at [Trump Bedminster] and [Donald Trump] walked in," a user claiming to know people at the wedding shared online. "Because, you know, he has nothing at all better to do than crash weddings at his golf course."

"This guy had a trump themed wedding... that's weird [as f—] no matter who the president is," another person pointed out.

The wedding itself featured the wedding party wearing MAGA hats, banners saying Trump 2020 and a slew of people looking to pose with the president. If it turns out this was some sort of guerilla campaign marketing for Trump, would people be surprised?

As reported Judd Legum points out, this "surprise" visit actually isn't a true surprise. It's a selling point for people to have their events at the golf club.

"Mr. Trump is a selling point for prospective brides and grooms considering holding their weddings at the club. When I was there, I was given a marketing brochure that made the following pledge," an excerpt from the New York Times shared by Legum read. "'If he is on-site for your big day, he will likely stop in & congratulate the happy couple. He may take some photos with you but we ask you and your guests to be respectful of his time & privacy."

According to the excerpt, this brochure has since been discontinued, but this hasn't been confirmed. Not everybody believes this or cares, though, with many supporters loving Trump's surprise.

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"Love it!!!! He went because he loves people not for any photo opportunity. How awesome was that scene," one commenter wrote on video of Trump.


"Everyone was extremely excited to get to meet Pres Trump. We will NEVER have another Pres like Trump. A Man Of The People," another supporter wrote.

"That’s so awesome and classy that he made a appearance at the wedding!" a third added. "he doesn’t get any credit and continues to keep moving forward for our country."

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