This Awful Melania Trump Wooden Statue in Slovenia Has the Internet so Confused

An awful wooden statue of U.S. First Lady Melania Trump that turned up in Slovenia is garnering a lot of attention, and has the Internet very confused. According to PEOPLE, "the statue was commissioned by Berlin-based American artist Brad Downey," and created by Ales “Maxi” Zupevc — a Slovenian artist — who carved the statute with a chainsaw. Many local residents are reportedly not big fans of the statue, with one being quoted as saying, “The sculptor worked a long time on this, and she does not look as beautiful as she normally is.”

There were also some who called the statue a "disgrace," and one person even stated that they thought it looked like "Smurfette."

“I can understand why people might think that this falls short as a description of her physical appearance,” Zupevc replied after others said that statue looked like a scarecrow.

Many Twitter users have also been fascinated with the statute.

One person tweeted out asking if it had in fact been done with a chainsaw, to which another user replied, "Almost definitely although chainsaw art is usually a lot more delicate. It’s like they saw the Woman of Willendorf and were like 'whoa, whoa, whoa, this is too complex. Let’s get back to basics.' "

"I cannot stop laughing at this weird ass statue," one other person joked.


"There's only one word for this statue of Melania in her Slovenian hometown of Sevnica: uncanny. And the body double mystery: solved," someone else quipped. "And Trump's draft-dodging wasn't due to bone spurs - it was splinters."

In addition to the stature, there will also been an exhibition unveiled in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, where the First Lady's heritage will be on display.