Moms Blast 'Completely Naked' Lace-up Dress as 'Accident Waiting to Happen'

One dress that is lacking in fabric is earning backlash from moms.

The Lace-Up Open Back Bodycon Tank Dress from American retailer Dress Lily has many moms wondering why $30.84 is being charged for a small amount of fabric that leaves little to the imagination.

(Photo: Dress Lily)

The dress, described on the site as “extreme sexy and alluring, this mini bodycon dress featuring skin baring lace-up throughout the body, elastic fabric,” is composed of a front and back piece that is held together by nothing more than a black string that is tied at the bottom, and it left one mom so outraged that she took to parenting site Mumsnet to see if she was the only one.

It turned out that most people felt the same way, many appalled by how revealing the dress is.

“No wonder it's so cheap. It's only half a dress,” one person commented.

“And there is absolutely no underwear you could use. Everyone would know you're completely naked. One wrong move and you'd unravel completely,” another pointed out.

“I've got pants with more material that that - no wonder it's so cheap - it's only half a dress,” wrote another.

Others, however, poked fun at the dress and themselves.

“Crying out for one of those comparison shots. How it looked on the model and how it looked on me,” one person wrote.

“I'd look like sausage meat stuffed in an orange net in that,” another commented.

“I reckon the combination of my back fat and the ties would keep it secure, any recommendations for shoes? Another person jokingly questioned.

As for the single lone review on the website for the dress, it reads “A little hard to wear.”

Dress Lily is not the only retailer to make waves online for their clothing. American clothing company Tommy Hilfiger recently found itself in the spotlight on social media, albeit for an entirely different reason.

On April 3, the popular clothing brand launched its 2018 Adaptive Collection, a line designed for individuals with disabilities.


The 2018 Adaptive Collection features “modified closures and adjustable details” to make getting dressed easier for those who struggle with disabilities. The modifications include double plackets at the waistline for those in wheelchairs, magnetic buttons to replace traditional buttons for those with limited dexterity, and adjustable hems to account for differences in height.

Other features of the line are easy-open necklines, expanded back openings, hems that open, one-handed zippers, side seam openings and adjustable waists.