Dustin Lynch Finds New Reasons to Work Hard


Dustin Lynch Finds New Reasons to Work Hard

Ex-NFL Player Severs Tendon Trying to Catch Falling Kitchen Knife

Catching a falling knife is not quite the same thing as catching a football, as one former NFL player recently found out after severing a tendon.

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Ex-Detroit Lions tight end Joe Fauria had to be admitted to the emergency room after snagging the falling blade but slicing open his hand. Luckily, doctors were able to stitch him up and get him bandaged.

"PSA: do not attempt to catch falling kitchen knife. The 'catch everything' motto is great for football. Not so much for life," Fauria later said in a statement making light of the situation.

As previously mentioned, Fauria previously played for the Detroit Lions, but was also briefly with both the Arizona Cardinals and the New England Patriots.

While the idea of Fauria severing his hand between the fingers is certainly a stomach-churning thought, it's not quite as bad as the food that The Jacksonville Jaguars served up during their final playoff game this year.

The team went all teal everything for their home field playoff game, even going as far as dying the stadium food their team color.

First up was a stomach-churning cheeseburger that looks like it was made with moldy bread.

There was also some pretty bizarre-looking teal beer, which isn't quite as off-putting as the burger, but still not all that enticing. "Anheuser-Busch has created a special teal-colored beer exclusively available at the stadium for playoff game," explained ESPN reporter Darren Rovell.

Finally, there was even some teal-colored ice cream, that honestly did not look bad, but was probably not what fans wanted to gobble down on a day when it temperature low was forecast to be around 49 degrees.

Most people on Twitter came out to share their aversion to the new look of the stadium food, with one person joking, "I would not, could not eat teal buns and spam," and another tweeting, "Well that's one way to use up moldy buns."

All the teal-colored munchies were in honor of the Jaguars playing their first home playoff game since 2000, as reported by Sporting News.