Watch: Neighbor Films Deer Attempting to Mate With Lawn Decorations

A Wisconsin woman watched her neighbor’s innocent lawn decorations transform into a lewd scene, and she caught the frisky act on camera.

On Nov. 6 in the Edgerton neighborhood, a woman was driving home from work when she noticed a small buck attempting to mate with two deer statues in her neighbor’s front lawn.

The male deer struggles to mount one of the wooden versions of his species, so he moved on to the other to try — and fail — again.

“Oh my god, that is funny,” she said through incessant laughter while filming the odd scene.

“I got a deer here who’s trying to hump the fake deer,” she said. “It is hysterical.”

The woman told ViralHog, the account that uploaded the bizarre video, that she has a lot of hunting buddies "and needed to poke fun at them" by exposing the indecent scene.