Former Dallas Cowboys Player Accused of Wife's Violent Murder

Former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Anthony McClanahan has been arrested as the main suspect in his wife’s death on Thursday morning.

Police in Park City, Utah say that Keri “KC” McClanahan was found dead in a condominium with multiple stab wounds to her throat, The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

They found her after McClanahan made a scene outside their Salt Lake City condo. He was reportedly crawling on the ground outside the complex while covered in blood, and he flagged down a police officer. He alleged that he, Keri and his baby were attacked by intruders.

(Photo: Facebook / KC McClanahan)

McClanahan was treated for minor injuries, including cuts on his face, neck, wrist, arms and torso, but investigators found no evidence that anyone else tried to get in their condo, nor did they find a baby.

When police found Keri’s body, however, they also discovered that the murder weapon was a small, sharp knife she had worn sheathed in a nylon paracord bracelet.

Keri’s family told the newspaper that she and McClanahan had a history of domestic violence, which ended at least twice with Keri fleeing from her husband. They had been married since January.

The family added that the football player, who spent four seasons in the Canadian Football League, blamed his violent behavior on injuries he sustained while playing the sport.

He was arrested Monday on the charge of first-degree felony murder, which carries a possible life sentence in the state of Utah.

Additionally, McClanahan was charged last month with kidnapping one of his children from a previous relationship. He took his 8-year-old son from school without permission and drove across several states.

The linebacker joined the Dallas Cowboys in the 1994 preseason after playing college ball at Washington State, but he was cut before the regular season.