Why Casey Anthony's Mother Cut Ties With Her Long Before Peacock Docuseries

Casey Anthony's mother, Cindy Anthony reportedly "cut ties with" her daughter years ago, and has no interest in the upcoming documentary about her murder case. Casey was charged with murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee in 2008, but was acquitted in 2011, and is now speaking out publicly for the first time. Casey accuses her father George Anthony of sexually abusing her and possibly Caylee as well, but Cindy is busy tending to George's health.

As Casey takes the national spotlight once again to accuse her father of abuse, her father is reportedly still recovering from a brain injury he sustained in 2018. According to a report by Radar Online, George got into a serious car accident in Daytona Beach, Florida at the time and suffered damage to his spine and brain. Sources close to Cindy say that she hasn't talked to Casey since then. She reportedly told the tipster: "She and I agree it's just better we don't talk. As much as I miss her and I love her, I am dealing enough with my husband that I don't need her drama."

"She didn't reach out on Mother's Day – and I'm perfectly fine with that," Cindy added, according to the source. She explained that George will most likely never recover from his accident entirely – he is unable to use three of his fingers on his left hand, and he is "like a stroke victim" in terms of his memory and his perception.

"I think about her all the time, but my life is with George. He's my priority now," Cindy reportedly said. Casey had already strained her family ties nearly to the breaking point by accusing George Anthony of sexually abusing her during her trial in 2011. It's unclear if either of her parents spoke to her after that or what they might have said to her if so. George vehemently denied the allegations of abuse and he was never formally charged with a crime. The story served only to create reasonable doubt in Casey's murder trial, persuading the jury to acquit her.


A preview clip for Peacock's new documentary published by PEOPLE shows that this story will be central to her new interview. She gives a fresh, detailed account of the last time she saw Caylee and claims that her father manipulated her into lying to police. The documentary will be streaming on Tuesday, Nov. 29 on Peacock.