See Vanessa Hudgens Like You've Never Seen Her Before in First Trailer for Netflix Film 'Polar'

Netflix has just released the trailer for a new original film called Polar, starring Vanessa [...]

Netflix has just released the trailer for a new original film called Polar, starring Vanessa Hudgens and Mads Mikkelsen in a surreal action adventure.

The trailer for Polar dropped on Monday, delivering nearly three minutes of heart-stopping action. It sets up the basic premise of the movie — Hudgens plays a wide-eyed innocent named Camille, who moves to a remote wintry location to take nature photos. She finds herself living near a strangely quiet older man (Mikkelsen), who later turns out to be a retired assassin named Kaiser Black.

The trailer shows a bit of Camille's arc for the film. She is not really equipped for the wilderness — her axe bounces off a log she is trying to split into firewood, as Black looks on. It is a less graceful role than Hudgens typically plays. Camille wears baggy clothes and even speaks in a nasally voice.

Still, she apparently finds some common ground with the mysterious hitman. The trailer shows the two of them eating side by side in a diner, where she asks him about his life.

From the looks of it, Black's former associates find him in his polar getaway, and attempt to take him out. In order to get to him, they kidnap Camille, drugging her to keep her compliant. However, Camille pops back up later on, looking determined with an intimidating cut on her cheek.

"Why are you doing this?" one of Black's enemies asks on the phone.

"I like her," he replies, looking at Camille.

Exactly how prominent Camille's role is and what her fate might be is unclear. One ominous shot shows Black walking under a streetlight with a limp female form in his arms.

Either way, the movie revolves more closely around Kaiser Black himself. The character has already been compared to John Wick and Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) from Taken, however, he has a much more colorful and vibrant aesthetic, with long gray hair and an eye patch.

This makes sense, as Polar is actually based on a graphic novel titled Polar: Came From the Cold. The story was written and illustrated by Victor Santos, beginning as a webcomic before moving to Dark Horse. The comic follows Kaiser Black through various noir adventures.

Unlike the movie, Santos' original comic had no dialogue at all. That allowed Santos to distribute his work to English and Spanish-speaking audiences at the same time, without troubling to translate it. The book is lauded for its simple yet effective style, and fans have been dying for a live-action adaptation for a long time.

Polar hits Netflix on Friday, Jan. 25.